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    The Hardin-Jefferson ISD Education Foundation was established in 2008 by patrons of the school district, with the goals of assisting the professional educator to enhance the quality of educational services and to promote an exemplary educational system for the students of Hardin-Jefferson ISD. The mission of the Hardin Jefferson Education Foundation is to promote educational excellence, provide educational and leadership opportunities to students, and recognize the teachers and staff of the Hardin-Jefferson Independent School District.


    To create a continuous endowment fund that will support enhanced educational opportunities for students of the Hardin- Jefferson  Independent School District. 


    The Hardin Jefferson ISD Education Foundation is a 501( c) ( 3) non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors representing a cross-section of citizens who are dedicated to education and share a vision for excellence in our schools. The Foundation was created to collaborate with the community to reward innovative teaching and promote quality education for all students in our school district.   Donations to this 501(c)3 organization will be used to enhance the education of students by providing grants to educators for innovative projects which are not provided for in the regular school budget. These grants offer additional educational experiences to the programs and curriculum funded by state and local funds.


    The purpose of the Foundation is to solicit,  manage, and distribute funds for enrichment purposes in program areas not otherwise funded by the district. Funding is supplemental and does not replace or alter the use of tax-based revenue. Donations to the Foundation are received from individuals, corporations, trusts, memorials, and other foundations to fund educational programs and projects and to create an endowment fund. Programs will be funded from donations and the interest earned on the endowment fund. 


    The mission of the Hardin-Jefferson Education Foundation is to recognize and encourage excellence in education by receiving and administering gifts, as well as providing a link of involvment to the community. 


    • To provide a continuous source of funds through gifts received from individuals, corporations, businesses, trusts, memorials and investments.
    • To encourage academic excellence in the school district by providing funding not available through traditional local, state or federal tax revenue.
    • To enrich and enhance student academic achievement in Hardin-Jefferson Independent School District. 
    • To encourage and recognize creativity among educators by providing resources for innovative teaching ideas and activities.
    • To support activities that encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward creative and well-designed instructional approaches to learning. 
    • To support unique growth opportunities for faculty and staff.
    • To serve as a means of involving the various communities served by the Hardin Jefferson school system.


    Foundation Programs support the Foundation's mission to promote quality education by supporting enhancements through innovative programs and initiatives and to be implemented as funds become available or as they are endowed. 

    Student Scholarship:  will award the Rod Hill Memorial Scholarship to a Hardin Jefferson senior student to advance their college education.

    Grants to Educators:
      will encourage teachers and other educators to develop specific and innovative instructional programs that stimulate thought and advance new approaches to teaching in all curriculum areas PreK-12. 

    Teacher Enrichment Grants:
      will provide an opportunity for the further development of teachers’ skills, additional certifications, or graduate degrees through attendance at an accredited college.

    New Teacher Grants:  
    will be provided for first-year teachers in the District to assist in classroom/ instructional preparation.

    Instructional Paraprofessional Scholarships:
      will be awarded to
    paraprofessionals seeking teacher certification and meeting the Foundation s criteria. 

    Other Scholarships, grants, and enhancements: 
     to be funded as endowed and/or financed.