Hardin-Jefferson Independent School District
School Health Advisory Committee
Fit, Healthy, and Ready to Learn!

The Hardin-Jefferson ISD School Health Advisory Council's (SHAC) mission is to promote sound school policies and practices that will improve and maintain the health and wellness of its students, faculty and community members.

We envision a future where every child in Hardin-Jefferson has the opportunity to live a healthful lifestyle, to be healthy and physicall educated, and to transfer that knowledge into action.

Support a healthy and safe school environment that fosters learning.
Healthy minds and bodies will be promoted through effective school health education and services. 
Academic success will be achieved by empowering our faculty to model healthy behaviors.
Champion the practice of Coordinated School Health by effectively implementing the eight components of SHAC:

♦ Health education   ♦ Counseling
♦ Physical education    ♦ Healthy school environment
♦ Health services   ♦  Healthy promotion for staff
♦ Nutrition services   ♦ Family/community involvement

Texas Youth and Fitness study data confirms that healthy children do better in school from attendance and behavior to academics and overall performance! The Hardin-Jefferson School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) works with the district to help school committees support good health and academic achievement.