2020 Bond FAQs

Bond Questions and Answers
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1. What HJISD buildings were damaged as a result of Tropical Storm Harvey?

2. What is Substantial Damage and why hasn’t the district repaired and occupied the flood-damaged buildings?

3. What projects are being proposed in this bond issue and what is the estimated cost of each project? How were costs estimated produced?

4. Who is the architect on the proposed projects in this bond issue? How was the architect selected?

      Follow-up to #4

5. How was the temporary middle school that currently houses the middle school students paid for?

6. Why is the proposed middle school more expensive than the high school built just 12 years ago?

7. What all is included the proposed estimates for each project? 

8. How much of the total proposed project costs will be funded by FEMA?

9. Did the district have flood insurance on the damaged buildings? If so, how much were the damaged buildings insured for?

10. Apart from the $25M being proposed in the current bond propositions, what are the other funding sources for the proposed projects?

11. What is included in each of the two bond propositions that will be on the ballot? Why are there two separate propositions?

12. We have been using the current football field, track, and stadium facilities for ???? years; Why should we support a bond for stadium improvements when our stadium is still useable?

13. What happens if the community elects not to support either of the bond propositions on the ballot?

14. If the community decides to support the two bond propositions on election day, how will my property taxes be impacted?

15. I’m over 65 and live on a fixed income; how will my property taxes be impacted if the community elects to move forward with these bond propositions?

16. What are the next steps the district will take if the community elects to support the two bond propositions on the ballot?

17. Why did the district choose to move forward with plans for the construction of the new middle school at the same location seeing that that location is in the flood plain and structures in that location sustained substantial damage after Tropical Storm Harvey?

18. The current elevation of the high school is one foot above base flood elevation and the current plans for the new middle school show it being built at two feet above base flood elevation; how will this impact the high school and other nearby structures in the event of another flood.

19. Why can’t the district move the middle school students into the current high school and propose a bond to build a new high school?

20. Why does the Proposition A include an auditorium? What is the size and capacity of the proposed auditorium?

21. Is it true that HJISD has the opportunity to build the proposed buildings valued at $69 million for only $25 million dollars?

22. When can I cast my ballot for these two bond propositions?