Mission/Vision Statement
To provide the best possible education for all students in an environment that promotes and develops responsible, productive citizens through a cooperative effort of all parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the Hardin-Jefferson community.
Core Values INTEGRITY Exhibiting honesty and sincerity. EXCELLENCE Educationally superior. COMMITMENT Our pledge to the community. POSTIVE ATTITUDE A spirit that promotes greatness.  UNITY Oneness with each other.
HJISD Ethical Standards. PROFESSIONAL ETHICAL CONDUCT Regarding ethical conduct, practices, and performance, all HJISD staff members shall: Safeguard funds and resources appropriately, Represent self or others honestlty, and Be of good moral character and be worthy to instruct or supervise the youth of our community. PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT TOWARDS COLLEAGUES Regarding relationships with collegues, all HJISD staff members shall: Maintain matters of confidentiality, Hold each other accountable for local, state, and federal laws policies, and Act with integrity in the best interest of colleagues and the district. PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT TOWARDS STUDENTS Regarding conduct toward students, all HJISD staff members shall: Encourage students to reach their potential and become productive citizens, Maintain a professional level of confidentiality with student information, and Never compromise the educator/student relationship
Portrait of a Hawk.  PROGRESSIVE Our students are prepared with the intellect and skills to think critically and solve problems creatively. INDEPENDENT Our students are self-sustaining contributors to society  COLLABORATIVE Our students communicate fluently using a variety of information, media, and technology skills  OPEN Our students embrace the creative, social, and cultural differences of others.  DETERMINED Our students are motivated to succeed in life with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their goals.  WELL-ROUNDED Our students are leaders who characterized integrity, respect, courage, honesty, humility, and kindness.