Thank you to all those that have donated to our Hurricane Harvey Recovery. We now have enough general school supplies for our students and staff!

If you wish to make a monetary donation or an instructional classroom donation, we ask that it be sent to the Administration Building and it will be directed to the campus or person you have designated. Please include the name of the school or the teacher, if your donation is designated. You can use the attached form or send the details with your donation to Belinda McDermand, Hardin-Jefferson ISD, P. O. Box 490, Sour Lake TX 77659 or contact her at The district's physical shipping address is 520 W. Herring Street, Sour Lake 77659.

Donation Form


Hurricane Harvey Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will my student be able to return to school?

A: HJISD students will return to school on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at normal school hours: 
HS 7:55-3:10
CE 7:55-3:25
SLE 7:55-3:15

Q: Where will my middle school student attend classes?

A: Henderson Middle School students will be split between Sour Lake Elementary, China Elementary and Hardin-Jefferson High School on a temporary basis until a modular building campus is up and running. We anticipate using this split-student Middle School plan for approximately
5-6 weeks until we can reunite the Middle School in one location.

6th grade students will be split between the two elementary campuses.  If you reside in Hardin County, your child will go to Sour Lake Elementary.  If you reside in Jefferson County he/she will go to China Elementary.  

6th graders at Sour Lake Elementary will report to the gym after they eat breakfast in the cafeteria. 6th graders at China Elementary will report to the cafeteria. 

All 7th and 8th graders will all go to Hardin-Jefferson High School. Once they eat breakfast, they will report to the gym. Parent drop off and pick up for HMS will be lined up outside the high school gym on the right hand side. Buses for HJHS and HMS will be serviced from the HJHS bus loop.

Q: My child is homeless due to the hurricane, where can I go to get the
McKinney-Vento (homeless) application?

A: You may get an application from the campus or you may access the online application by clicking on the following link.

McKinney-Vento Application

Q: We lost most of our clothing in the flood.  Will dress code be strictly enforced when students return on the 19th?

A: We are sensitive to the fact that some families will have difficulty adhering to the dress code as we resume class.  We will temporarily loosen our dress code for those affected by the flood, but we ask that students please dress appropriately and that their clothing not be a distraction in class.  If you havea specific need, please contact your campus principal with questions.  You can also contact Belinda McDermand (409.981.6400 x 3302) to inquire about clothing that has been donated.

Q : Will the students have to make up the instructional days that were missed
due to the hurricane?

A: The Texas Education Agency has granted blanket waivers for the days missed from August 28, 2017 though September 8, 2017.  TEA is working individually with districts to possibly waive days missed beyond September 8th.  We are currently working with TEA with regard to missed days from September 11, 2017 through September 18th.  We will communicate those results in a future update.

Q : Were any of the students medications at the Middle School saved?

A: Unfortunately not.  All student medications were lost in the flood.  Please contact your physician and pharmacy for refill orders.

Q : Will homework/assignments be due as soon as we return?

A: No.  There will be a grace period for all assignments, and teachers will work with students who were impacted by the storm to ensure no work is lost.


Q: What are the plans for High School athletics? 

A: Voluntary Volleyball Practice Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 5:30-7 pm at Lumberton

Voluntary Football Practice Monday to Thursday from 5-7 pm at field in China behind the City Hall

Thursday, September 14

Football Scrimmage vs Vidor
Pirate Stadium, 500 Orange Street, Vidor; combined Sub-varsity at 6PM; Varsity at 7PM; team will leave 
China at 4:30 PM  (Voluntary scrimmage, if you need a ride call Coach Sloan)

Friday, September 15

Volleyball scrimmage vs Silsbee

Football scrimmage vs TBD (If Possible)

Saturday, September 16

Cross Country Practice Meet at Dayton

Thursday, September 21

Volleyball at Huffman

Junior Varsity Football at East Chambers

Friday, September 22

Varsity Football at Beaumont Kelly

Saturday, September 23

Cross Country at Lumberton

Q: What are the plans for Middle School athletics? 

A: Middle school football will have a voluntary practice on Wednesday from 3-5 at the field in China. All games are on hold for now.

Volleyball will resume practice on Tuesday. Schedule for games is being adjusted at this time. 

Q: Will we have a home football game this year? 

A: Yes.  We are targeting the Jasper game on Oct 6th as out 1st home game.  

Confirmation on this coming soon.


Q: We are currently displaced and staying in Beaumont due to the storm, will there be a bus pick up point in Beaumont?

A: HJISD is currently not able to safely run the bus route in Pinewood until more of the debris is removed from the roadways.  Traveling by car is difficult, and traveling by bus is unsafe for all involved.  Temporarily, until more debris is removed, all bus riders in Pinewood will be picked up at Idylwild Golf Club.  As soon as we are able to resume the regular bus route, we will do so and you will be notified.

Bus 11 will pick up all children who ride bus 11 in addition to those who ride 18 and 42 who are still living in Country Wood or Pinewood. The bus times should be the same in Country Wood, but in Pinewood the bus will be at the Country Club from 6:55am until 7:10am for pick up, and then 3:50pm to 4:05pm for drop off. The bus will have students who normally ride 11, 18, and 42 on it. Only the children 
currently living in Country Wood, Pinewood, or who already rode bus 11 and whose homes were unaffected should ride this bus. 

A bus will go to Ritter Lumber on 105. It will have 
Ritter 105 as the number. This bus is for SLE Prek-5, HMS 6th grade attending SLE, and any 7th grade through senior studentIt will be at Ritter Lumber from 6:25am until 6:55am and then 4 to 4:30pm. Parents will need to fill out an information sheet with a phone number for the driver. We will not leave a student at Ritter without someone being there to pick them up.

A bus will go to the Beaumont Municipal Athletic Complex on 90. It will have 
BMC 90 as the number.BMC90 is for CE Prek-5th, HMS 6th grade attending CE, and any 7th grade through senior student. pick up will be at the baseball fields in the complex. It will be at the Complex from 6:25am until 6:55am and then 4:15pm to 4:45pm. Parents will need to fill out an information sheet with a phone number for the driver. We will not leave a student at the Complex without someone being there to pick them up.

Parents of children attending SLE that need to go to Jefferson County need to contact Transportation.
Parents of children attending CE that need to go to Hardin County need to contact Transportation.

For specific transportation questions, call 409-287-2929.

Q: Which bus routes should our middle school students ride on?  Do 6th graders need to ride special routes to get to the elementary school?

A: Students will be picked up and dropped off by their normal route bus.   Their normal bus will deliver to their assigned location and back home.  The only exception will be that if your student rode on bus 18 or 42, they will be picked up by bus 11 at your normal bus stops.  That is the only bus number change.

Q: We are staying in an RV at our residence, will there be a bus pick up for my student? 

A: Yes.   Students will be picked up and dropped off by their normal route bus.   


Q: Will my student be able to eat free meals at school? 

A: HJISD was approved to serve free breakfast and lunches to all students through September 30th. After that, if a family is displaced and is qualified through the district’s homeless liaison, we can qualify them for free meals for the rest of the year. We will share additional details about this program after we start back.

Clarification on free meals for students:  We apologize for any misunderstanding on the free breakfast and lunch meals.  Each student is allowed one meal at breakfast and one meal at lunch daily.    A meal consists of an entrée from any line, fruit, vegetables, and milk.  A second meal will be charged at the regular rate of $3.25.  This applies to students only.  Adult meals will run at the regular rate of $2.25 for breakfast and $3.25 for lunch.  A la carte items such as packaged snacks, bottled water, other drinks, cookies, ice cream, slushies, etc are charged at their normal a la carte price.  The waiver for free meals will continue until September 30th.


Q: How can we help out? 

A: We have received so many phone calls and emails from people around the community and from other cities/states. We appreciate everyone considering us for donations. We ask that you please send any donations to Belinda McDermand. She will be coordinating drop off times and locations. Please send her an email at:

Additional questions my be submitted to