HJISD will return to our regular schedule tomorrow morning, Thursday, Jan 18, 2018.  All campuses and busses will run at normal times.  Be safe and warm, and we will see you in the morning. 

January is School Board recognition month across the state of Texas. Thank you to HJISD Board of Trustees for your leadership and contributions to public schools. We thank you for your commitment to the continuing success of our students now and in the future!

Board Recognition Month

​Harvey Free Breakfast and Lunch Program Ends

Starting Friday, December 1st, the Harvey Free Breakfast and Lunch Program for all students will end.  We were not approved for December.  If you have completed your free and reduced application or filed the McKinney-Vento Homeless paperwork, you will continue to be on free or reduced breakfast and lunch prices as applicable.  If you have not filled out a free or reduced lunch application those applications are available at your campus office or the school administration office.

Student account balances can be viewed at https://www.schoolcafe.com to make sure your student is ready for December 1st.  The charge policy was updated for the 2017 - 2018 school year.  It can be found HERE in the student handbook on page 70.

If you have any question please contact the H-J Child Nutrition Office at 409-981-6400 Ext 3310.

We hope that all of our H-J students and families have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hardin-Jefferson ISD Child Nutrition

Henderson Middle School Update

It has been a very eventful couple of weeks, but we have made it through. We are starting to see daylight with the completion of our portable campus. I have been very impressed with how quickly they have put together our new home. I have also been impressed with our students and staff for all of their hard work and patience during this process.

We are looking forward to getting everyone back together again. We have missed everyone being under one roof. Our date to be back together will be Monday, November 13th. Here are a few reminders/changes before we start back:

Car Pickup

We are going to run car pickup the same way we have been running it the past two months. Parents will need to enter at the home side stadium entrance and proceed to line up on the backside of the campus near the tennis courts. Students will be dismissed at 3:15. They will walk over to the high school competition gym to wait for their rides. On raining days, students will be able to walk through the high school campus to the competition gym to wait for pickup.

Car Drop Off

You will drop your students off at high school loop in the mornings. Our 6th & 7th grade students will report to the dining hall before school. Sixth grade students will sit on the left side of the cafeteria and 7th grade students will sit on the right side. The 8th grade students in Mrs. Rose’s ELAR class will report to the library. Eighth grade students in Mrs. Smith’s ELAR class will report to Mrs. Singleton’s room and students in Mrs. Varnado’s class will go to Mr. Gremillion’s classroom. If an 8th grade student needs to eat breakfast in the morning, they will report to the cafeteria. After finishing their food, they will go to their assigned area. If you drop your student off before 7:55, students will be able to enter through the gate to get into the school; however, at 7:55, the gate will be locked and students will need to enter through the office area.

Bell Schedule/Student Schedule

We will resume our regular bell schedule from the 1st week of school. Every morning, we will have tutorials from 7:30-7:50. Classes will start at 7:55 and run until 3:15. Students will follow their regular schedule they received before the Hurricane. We will print off a new schedule for our 6th grade students just in case they do not remember.


Lunch times have not changed. 6th grade lunch is from 10:35-11:05; 7th grade lunch 11:29-11:59; 8th grade lunch 12:03-12:33. Our dining hall will be able to serve hot food for our students; however, the majority of the cooking will happen on the high school campus and be transported to the middle school campus. Please do not forget that all students eat free until November 30.

Navigation Campus / Open House

When students occupy the portable campus on the 13th, we will have maps and staff available to help them find their way to their classes.  We ask that parents do not walk students to class in order to keep traffic moving smoothly in front of campus.  Please visit the front office with any questions you have.  We are planning an Open House on Tuesday, January 9th from 5:30-7:30, and we encourage you to attend.


We are going to have ID’s printed by Photo Texas. Every student will receive a free ID, case, and lanyard. If a student loses their ID, they will need to get a replacement ID for $5. Temporary ID’s will be sold for $2 in the front office. We will start enforcing dress code and ID’s after the Thanksgiving holidays. This will give you plenty of time to make necessary adjustments.


We will begin handing out iPads the week following our Thanksgiving break.  This will be the distribution schedule:

  • 8th Grade:  Monday, November 27th
  • 7th Grade:  Wednesday, November 29th
  • 6th Grade:  Friday, December 1st (tentative)

Insurance ($30) must be paid before a student receives an iPad. 

We are ooking forward to see everyone again,

Darrell Westfall, Principal
Henderson Middle School


Thank you to all those that have donated to our Hurricane Harvey Recovery. We now have enough general school supplies for our students.

If you wish to make a monetary donation or an instructional classroom donation, we ask that it be sent to the Administration Building and it will be directed to the campus or person you have designated. Please include the name of the school or the teacher, if your donation is designated. You can use the attached form or send the details with your donation to Belinda McDermand, Hardin-Jefferson ISD, P. O. Box 490, Sour Lake TX 77659 or contact her at belindamcdermand@hjisd.net. The district's physical shipping address is 520 W. Herring Street, Sour Lake 77659.

Donation Form